Donnerstag, 24. September 2015

Short interlude - preparing Kaijou Jieitai for a skirmish battle

Hello everyone!

Once again a years end is approaching fast. First Christmas biscuits are to be seen in the stores in Germany and some of my fellow bloggers are already publishing their first "Secret Santa" posts for this year.

For me this development means two things:

1st - it's getting cold. Especially up here in the north, where the sea is cooling down the temperature a few degrees more. Time to prepare a thicker jacket.

2nd - my friend from Poland is inviting me again to visit him and his family. Can't say how happy I am! We have known each other for more than two years now. The first time we met in Germany, the second time I visited him and his family and this year, I am invited again.

But this time it's different from before. As he has seen some of my miniatures he asked me to bring a tabletop game with me so we could try and play a round or two.

How could I say no to him? So I promised to bring something along to have a nice game.

Still there are some limitations: I am going by plane, which forces me to keep my luggage within a specific weight and requires the material to be rather unbreakable. And it has to be something that is easy to learn but still challenging to keep the spirits high throughout the game.

I looked through all my rule sets and finally fell over a rule set called "Task Force". It is a rather unknown tabletop developed somewhere in Germany. I got it when I bought my Japanese and Chinese warships, but have never tried it. On Sweetwater forum there was an AAR of this game and from that AAR I read that it would be easy to learn but could provide the players with a few challenges.

The next thing I had to do was to prepare some forces. So I grabbed into the box where my modern warships are stored and took six JMSDF ships which I thought to be a solid task group.

I decided to paint those and prepare them for a skirmish before continuing with a similar number of Chinese warships.

First of all, I had to sand them, cut the bases into shape and glue everything together.

After that the battle group was coated with a primer.

Then I began applying the main colors and created the unit cards.

At the moment I have got:

2x Hatakaze-class destroyers

1x Murasame-class destroyer
1x Asagiri-class destroyer
and 1x Hatsuyuki-class destroyer

The last ship has already been finished:

1x Kongou-class missile destroyer:

I am planning to get those five done by the end of the week and start the Chinese warships by then as well. I don't have got much time at home until the visit, so I need to finish the vessels as soon as possible.

I still have to think about the vessels of the Chinese task force. Maybe a Luda-class? Or a Sovremenny missile destroyer? I have no idea ...

Anyway - that concludes this update.

The next one will soon be ready.

So stay tuned!

So long


  1. Coincidential ?
    HeinzKnitz from SW has persuaded me, to try a naval wargame. Well, a fleet in 1/300 doesn´t need much space, so I take the US Navy while he runs the IJN...poor boy.
    Whats the scale of your ships ?
    Hoewever: Enjoy your trip !!!

    1. 1/3000. I think 1/300 is quite big :-D

      I have got a lot of different ships for different settings. I have got 1/2400 WWI Germans and Brits, 1/3000 US Navy for pacific war as well as 1/3000 JMSDF and PLAN ships. So if you one day need some support, I could bring in a whole USN Task Force ;-D

      But afar from that: I am really looking forward to my trip to Poland.