Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015

EUFOR update - squad commander and anti-tank soldier

Hello everyone!

No updates on the ships currently, as they have to dry, but an update on some older stuff.

I haven't been into my modern stuff all too much lately, but I nevertheless was able to finish two figures I had on my table.

First of all: Panzerfaust-man, which I had started a few weeks ago. I still needed to do the base, so I put him aside until I had some figures where I needed to do to base, too and finish them altogether.

And then, while my Japanese warships were drying, I had time to finish a second soldier - this time a squad commander. I tried a new way of applying Flecktarn - and to be honest: I am still not all too happy with the outcome, though I think the overall method should be fine so far. But I guess all I need is to practice it.

Next time I will present you a little update from the Gallian front - and after that we'll check on the situation of the warships!

See you then!

So long


  1. What colours did you use, nice work all the same!

    1. Hi Francis!

      Thanks for the comment. As I have been asked by someone else to make a short tutorial, I will post the colours and my way to apply them in a more or less short while.

      All the best