Samstag, 31. Oktober 2015

Gallian Army Construction Report No 36 - Big ... ah ... "Eyes", Small Mouth

Hello everyone,

Another update on another project.

While working on my Chinese warships, I also had some time to go on with my Valkyria Chronicles project. Therefore I spent some time working on the fountains, closing gaps and applying the primer. I still haven't got an idea how to paint those in the end, and I think I need to go through my VC artworks and look for fountains. Maybe that will me help get an idea how to match the look of those miniatures to the look of Valkyria Chronicles.

And then there's been some progress on the troops of the Gallian army.

A few weeks ago I asked my fellow blogger and miniature sculptor Black Guardian to provide some assistance regarding the crews of the tanks I am planning. At least I wanted some Anime-like looking characters. So when we talked again on the Internet, I mentioned this idea and he agreed to provide me with some miniatures.

Then I asked my friend Thalassa, who is normally doing Art deco, if he could create a sketch of a female tank commander using an idea for a character I had some time ago. When I got the picture I sent it to Black Guardian, who then began to work on the miniature

The second tank commander we chose to be a male, who was based on Welkin Gunther and then altered to allow him to be used with any vehicle I want to use him with.

It didn't take long until Black Guardian sent me the first results and we two took time to discuss and alternate all the parts of the figures we weren't sure about in the first place.

Have a look at the final build stage of the male tank commander. He still needs some color before he can be considered finished.

And then we got our female tank commander, created after a character I thought of named Charlotte-Carina Lafayette. She could already be send to command a tank ... that is if she fits through the commanders hatch.

As you can see I once again failed to create good-looking eyes, so I gave up and left her without eyes. The scale is small enough that you won't see the eyes when the minature is on the table.

But she got rank insignia, which is also important!

And here we got two pictures with the tank she will command later on. Already looking good. Now I just need to finish it.

And that ends this update.

As I want to finish the Qin Chinese before I continue with the Gallian army, I won't present any larger update on this topic for the next time, but it won't be forgotten!

So stay tuned!

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