Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

PLAN finished! Ready to engage!

Hello everyone!

Another update (finally) ...

I was sick for almost two weeks now. Actually, I am still suffering a bit … and therefore I had no motivation, nor enough energy left to go on with my projects. It really bothered me which is the reason I am back now with an update. As promised, I’ve finished my Chinese warships! It took longer than expected, but still I made it! That now makes two forces ready for battle and ends this little project. I finished a project! That’s … unbelievable. As far as I can remember, I never finished a project before.
Okay, if I need to be honest, I still have got like 50 modern warships lying around waiting to be painted … but that’s not the point. This little project has been finished now. Yay!
And how fitting as just a few days ago a Chinese Task Force was visiting some countries around the Baltic Sea and made its transit back into the North Sea (and the Atlantic Ocean) through Kiel Canal.
So, while those folks are returning home, mine are ready to leave the harbor!

To make up for the time I have been away, I decided to do a more or less detailed tutorial of my way of painting the water on my ships bases. I know it’s not realistic water, but on pictures and from a more distant view it really looks great, I think! :-D

At first we need to apply the water material and let it dry. As I use an acryl gel for it, I am still able to model waves into the material while it is drying.

It normally is wise to paint the ships before gluing them to the base. But the label should be done after the water is done. (I normally don’t use labels on my ships bases, so I now decided to do it before I applied the water). Wasn’t all too wise, though …

The first color used is a mid-blue color. I used Mordian Blue, but any other blue color is as good as this.

As I said before, I don’t take the realistic approach. I want my water to display action and motion, which is the reason for me to overdo contrasts and colors.

We’ll use a heavily diluted dark green, for example Incubi Darkness, which is a dark green/blue tone and put it over the blue color to darken the whole base and especially the shadow areas.

After this step is done and the color dry, we take our blue color again and put it on the higher areas to make a first highlight on the waves. Just think of contour lines on a map. The color should be applied like that.

After that we mix blue and white to create another highlight. Use much blue and just a bit of white.

Then the next highlight is done. Do it like half blue and half white to create a greater contrast and paint smaller areas. If you think that some waves aren’t that high, you don’t need to apply the color!

Then do another highlight using more white than blue on an even smaller area of the waves. If you think that some waves aren’t that high, you don’t need to apply the color!

Now we use a last highlight of pure white which we apply just to the peak of the wave. You can do it painting the color on the wave or even dry brush it.
The white color represents the waves breaking or being somehow stirred up by ship propellers.
The areas to be highlighted that way are at least: the area around the ship, as it moves through the sea, the area behind the ship (propellers) and the wave peaks of the waves if you want to display more or less rough seas.
Fast moving warships also create bigger waves, which should be put into consideration, too (though I also overdue this kind of waves).

If you think that your white is too diluted, don’t worry. Waves aren’t that strong all the time. Just do another line of less diluted white above the diluted version.

In the end you just need to apply colors you haven’t applied before on the ships and your bases and then you are ready to send your vessels to sea! And here are mine:

Ah … no. Those are mine:

And the last two. Those two were not included in the original post, so I added them when I composed this one. That's the reason they are not part of the task force and are photographed in another way.

And that's all for now. I'll prepare a battle report once I am back from Poland! So stay tuned until then.

See you on the next update!

So long!