Freitag, 6. November 2015

Qin Army Update - The last three crossbow men!

Hello everyone!

Here comes another update! It's nothing big, but still worth mentioning.

The last three crossbow men are finished! Yes! Now I only have got 5 bowmen left, before the "plastic" part of my army can be considered done and only a few metal miniatures remain to be painted and then my army is ready to be put to battle!

I also had an idea to modify my forces. As the Qin were carring some heavy shields, which are quite different from the shields of the Han I have got, I have been thinking of changing the shields of the metal miniatures. I already asked my friend and fellow blogger Black Guardian to assist in creating a master sculpt. So,when we two are able to meet again, there will be some work to do. But that lies in the future. First of all my plan is get those plastic miniatures finished.

Anyway - here are some pictures of the crossbow men:

I am so happy I finally got close to finishing this project. I really will be happy when I can cast my brush aside and raise my arms cheering: "Got it!" I don't think that will happen pretty soon, but I am already looking forward to it. Ha ha!

The next update will be about my travel to Poland. So see you then.

So long!