Freitag, 13. November 2015

Yellow Sea Encounter - Task Force After Action Report No. 01

Hello everyone!

As I promised, I prepared an AAR on my friends and my game using the Task Force Ultra-modern Naval Warfare rules. The battle itself was divided in several steps which took place on three different days, so this is just one of the reports. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the report as well as the pictures.

Our game started using one vessel of either nation (Japanese and Chinese) to get used to the basic movement and firing rules of the game. It is a pretty simple set of rules that covers all strategical and tactical elements of modern naval warfare with a few dices and some unit cards. Its emphasis therefore does not lie on simulated sea battles using several airborne and shipborne assets to aquire an unknown target, classify and identify it and then calculate the missile salvo size needed to destroy this target.
This set of rules is far more of an arcade style of games, easy to learn and to play. But still we had a lot of fun and spent a lot of time figuring out different tactics and strategic advances.

Our first "real" game was a simple direct encounter, in which we were accompanied by my friends wife and a friend of them. They watched us playing our game and at least the wife of my friend took sides pretty fast. Their friend was quite interested in the game and asked a lot of question, but she didn't take my side, either. How sad. Commanding a big destroyer holding a pretty lady in my arms ... I would've felt like Captain Kirk. But that way, I just felt like an outlaw. Noone's on my side. How dare they? Is it because I am German? Or because I am playing the Japanese side? Or maybe because I ain't black? *Sniff* Anyway! The forces during the initial stages of the battle were 1x Asagiri class and 2x Hatakaze class on my side, while my friend was fielding 1x Luhu class and 2x Sovremenny class.

The battle started. Both Task Groups stayed in formation while closing in on the enemy.

As the Japanese weren't part of the original forces present in the rules I had to create their vessel stats myself, which I did using an unit creator delivered with the rule book. Originally the units stats are intended to be printed on cards like in a board game. I did it differently using my Imperial Guard book from an older WH40K edition as inspiriation and then creating an overview for all Japanese and Chinese units. And those summaries were soon to be used. The Luhu opened fire on my destroyers, and a missile hit the Asagiri.

Hit! Hit! Damage report!

While the crew of the stricken ship is fighting the fire that is raging through its interiors, the Japanese forces are preparing a counter-attack. Every vessels engages an enemy ship, and due to a massive amount of fire power, all enemy ships are damaged thereafter.

Round two: A gun attack directed at the Hatakazes misses its target though the enemy is trying hard.

Still, a coordinated missile attack sinks the Asagiri. Well, didn't have luck on that one.

Here you can see the hand of fate re-positioning the enemy Task Group.

And the answer is already on its way: before she sank, JDS Asagiri was able to launch a last missile strike onto the chinese Luhu class. She scores a direct hit and sinks the enemy vessel.

Round three: Now there are two damaged Sovremennys fighting two still undamaged Hatakaze-class destroyers.

Both chinese warships turn around staying outside of my medium engagement zone. My gun fire and a missile attack are both missing their targets.

And then my friend manages to score a critical hit on one of the Hatakaze destroyers. Obviously the missile defense was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of incoming missiles. An explosion shakes the vessel, followed by immense flooding. The crew has to abandon the ship.

The second Hatakaze is hit as well and tries to turn around in order to flee.

Round four.

As last missile strikes hits the remaining Hatakaze and sinks her, while her own missiles miss their targets. 

My friend already loves the game and his wife is cheering his victory. Their friend is throwing a pitifull gaze in my direction and I have to commit Seppuku. Yes, that's how a wonderful evening should end. But that won't be the last to be seen of my forces! I will be back! And I won't brake for Chinese destroyers the next time!

See you on the next time!

So long!