Montag, 28. Dezember 2015

Strike Witches - A small Bolt Action project (Update No. 2)

Hi all!

We've cleared the Christmas holidays, which means that it is time to continue with some projects. As I've planned to finish my Russian girls as soon as possible I decided to get that almost finished squad done.

But to do so I first had to put all the pieces of the unit together, so I finished the command section and the last few infantrygirls.

The command section, consisting of: Irina, Anastasia, Vitalia und Vladimira.

And the other five miniatures in their early WIP state:

I have to be honest: I was so "quick" painting them and finishing their bases that I absolutely forgot to take some pictures - but that's okay, as the finished section makes up for this:

I am still surprised how nice they look and I hope that I am able to repeat the outcome with the other female soldiers. But now, I need to get more heads and that means: Another project will be continued soon.

See you then!

So long!