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Yellow Sea Encounter - Task Force After Action Report No. 03

Hello everyone!

Here comes the last part of our little battle triology:

Both sides made their advances, which were repelled each time. Now it's time to play a mission and put all warships to sea.

- Mission objective: The JMSDF force has to protect a convoi of supply ships, which is to be attacked by the Chinese.
- Mission essential: Two of three supply ships need to reach the designated end point of the map.
- Mission failure: The supply ships aren't able to reach the objective or their escort is sunk.
- Special rule: Goalkeeper. As the supply ships haven't got any air defenses, they benefit from the air defense of a designated warship that is within 20cm around the convoi.

Turn 1: Both battle groups enter the battlefield. The Japanese are moving in close formation, keeping their mission essential units in the center. The Chinese are intercepting their foes in a widespread formation.

Turn 2:
The Japanese are keeping their formation. Meanwhile the Chinese split their battlegroup to execute a pincer attack.

Turn 3:
Being fewer in numbers, but having the advantage in range and firepower, the Japanese decide to regroup in order to a) protect their objective and b) being able to engage all enemies simultaneously.

Turn 4:
Once again the Chinese change their formation, making use of their massive amount of vessels to block the whole area.

Meanwhile the Japanese start zig-zagging to confuse Chinese operators.

But somehow the Chinese seem to be rather unimpressed, which forces the Japanese to engage the incoming enemies directly.

Missiles away!

Suprisingly the Chinese answer is quite quick, which leads to two hits on my vessels. That's awful!

Turn 5:
I originally intended to avoid the Chinese missile and gun range as long as possible, but finally our battlefield ends, which forces me to make a hard portside turn and move straight into hell.

Direct hit on one Chinese warship! One enemy sunk!

And two more are damaged!

But my enemy won't just sit idle and watch. Supported by his daughter, goddess of dice luck (who was so faszinated by the dices, that she even re-rolled hits until she was able to present criticals all over the place), my friend was still able to shoot down most of the missiles directed at his ships. Even worse: The infernal duo scored two criticals on my Hatakazes. That overwhelmes the best missile defense. Suddenly, I had only 4 ships left.

Turn 6:
Point-blank range! After having fired their missiles, both forces are now in range to engage each other with their guns.

Funnily, at this close range noone scores at hit.

Turn 7:

This time we got several hits on both sides!

The Japanese attack sinks two chinese destroyers and damages another two.

The Chinese sink one Japanese and damage another one.

Turn 8:
I orignally thought that my opponent had miscalculated his pincer attack and directed his second force out of the combat zone. But suddenly those vessels turn around and move towards my flank. Well, that is unfortunate. Luckily, the enemies are far away and even a coordinated missile attack should be easy to repell. So I don't worry about them anymore and sink another couple of PLAN destroyers.

No damage, hm? Well, talking of that: coordinated missile attack, my air defense fails ... ai ai. That leaves me with two destroyers.

Turn 9:

And those two destroyers are now turning towards the enemy to prevent the Chinese from taking a clear shot on my supply vessels.

The only thing I forgot about was the fact that this would leave my supply vessels without a goalkeeper.
And the Chinese take their chance. As soon as they are able to engage the convoy, they start their assault and sink one of the supply vessels.

Their second attack, however, misses its target, which allows me to reach the objective.

That leaves the Japanese to be the victors of the third and last battle. Well done!

In conclusion: A nice game that kept us busy for a few hours. It's a lot fun and our house rules enhanced the tactial aspect. I've been told that, when I visit them on the next time, I need to bring some ships again. Well, well ... who would have guessed?!

See you on the next update!

So long!

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