Freitag, 24. Juli 2015

Qin army construction marathon - Day 5 (Last Day)

Good day everyone!

Wow - what kind of a marathon (at least for me). In the end I lost much of my energy, which angers me a bit. Nevertheless - I still got some stuff finished and I am proud of it.
At least all infantry units have been covered in all their main colours and are ready to be painted further, washed and highlighted.

That's how the still to be finished infantrymen look like at the moment.

The plastic miniatures only need their scarfs and head gear, as well as the highlights on cothing and weapons, before they can be considered "ready for battle".

Same goes for the metal guys.

The cavalrymen do need some more steps until they can be considered finished, but that's no problem. We still can say:

„My friend.“
„Well done.“
But that's not all - though I didn't make "much" progress on the whole army, I still finished 6 miniatures.

The three chariot "drivers" are ready and prepared to mount their vehicles.

Same goes for the crossbowmen.

The sixth figure however ... and that is what bothers me ... has been finished without me actually noticing it. I know it sounds like a bad joke, but when I went to bed yesterday, after having playing on my computer for quite some time, I originally intended to get some ideas on how to differ the uniform of the general from the common troops.

But when I awoke this morning, the figure was finished and dried on my window board.

I honestly have no idea how I finished this figure. Maybe I was so tired, concentrated or in trance, that I didn't manage to actually (and of course consciously) am aware of the work I did on that fellow. Considering this I am quite impressed on how good he turned out.

Anyway - this ... "happening" ... concludes my marathon, as I am going back to work today and therefore won't be home for a few days.
In conclusion: Thanks to the help of my friend I was able to get quite far with my miniatures and though I wasn't able to make it through the whole project, I am happy we came that far. It means that the work to be done will be less in the future and more miniatures will be finished soon.

See you on the next update!

Take care!

Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2015

Qin army construction marathon - Day 4

Hello everyone,

Day 4 of our Qin-army-construction-marathon. We have come far, but now I am out of energy somehow.
Therefore today was a more or less easy day and there is nothing much to report. I’ve been doing some basic work on the miniatures. First of all I painted the hands.

After that, the weapons, uniforms and scarfs were painted.

This work – and a good TV program – dominated the evening. Tomorrow will be the last day of the marathon. I hope I will be much more productive by then.

See you then!

Stay tuned

Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015

Qin army construction marathon - Day 3

Hello everyone!

Here we go again.

Day 3 of our Qin-army-construction-marathon and my 100th post on this blog!

Isn't that charming?! - and again I made some progress.

But one at a time. When we stopped yesterday, there was still some work that had to be done.

That's the state we left our forces in yesterday. And that's the state we found them in this morning.

First a few more washes were applied, which are thought to soften the edges of the different highlights and shadows. At the same time some last highlights were painted on the faces, weapons and uniforms.
But that didn't end the work process ...

... using my own tutorial I washed the ground to apply earth colours later on. I guess I am getting old not to remember the way I originally made my bases :-D

As the infantrymen had to dry after that, I continued with the cavalrymen. Thanks to the help of my comrade all colours were painted to their legs in almost no time.

Aren't they adorable? Han Chinese cavalrymen, eager to mount their horses.

After having painted these, we went over to the rest of the infantrymen, applying base colours to their legs and feet ...

… just to return to the nearly finished infantry unit, which had dried in the meantime and was ready to receive the final highlights to their bases.

Following this the miniatures were sealed with mat laquer.

After that the unit had to dry again. So I went over to one of the other units and started painting parts of the miniatures which weren't that easy to reach and took some time to correct mistakes.

For example the feet were painted.

Then I applied a wash to the feet to make the painting of the shoes easier for me later on.

After that was done, I went back to the cavalrymen. As our last cavalryman made some unfortunate moves while being glued to his horse, my friend and I decided to take care of this problem and "marry" the cavalrymen to their horses. Therefore they now all have got a vertical member.

Anyway ... They are now ready to mount their animals. 'Miniature porn', as my friend said.

I don't need to comment that, do I?

At around 3 o'clock in the morning I finally reached the last phase of the days work plan: Putting some gras on the bases of the finished infantrymen. And that concluded my work. The next group of infantrymen is finished! Yeah. 12 man. Another 12 men are ready to join my army. I am proud. And while I am proud, you may enjoy the pictures:

And that brings me one step closer to owning my own little Qin army.

See you on the next update!

Stay tuned

Dienstag, 21. Juli 2015

Qin army construction marathon - Day 2

Hello everyone!

And welcome to the second day of the Qin-army-construction-marathon.
Yesterday we stopped short of having the javelinmen and bowmen finished, so that was the first group of infantrymen to on with today. First of all I had to correct the necks again.

In addition to that the spear tips of the javelins were painted.

Some corrections to the paint of the clothing were made.

After that the hair was painted. First group first ...

... and then the second one.

Having completed this part, the first highlights were applied, starting with the lower body parts.

In the meantime, my friend (who came over to assist me in painting) started painting the cavalrymen ...

... as well as the chariot crews and the command section of the army.

After I was finished highlighting the lower parts of the infantrymen, I applied a wash to smooth the edges of the different layers of colour, before turning my attention to the bows and quivers of the bowmen.
Following this work step, some details were painted.

That concludes todays update. Work plan for tomorrow: Apply the last washes, correct paint of the uniform and the hair, highlight faces, hair and uniform, paint the bases and put some grass on them.
And hopefully the next group will be ready by the end of the day.#

Until then

Stay tuned!