Montag, 31. August 2015

Gallian Army Construction Report No 35 - Call it progress

Hello everyone!

Back again with some progress on the Gallian light tank.

I am still not done with the vehicle at all, but body and turret are almost finished. I have got some more details to attach, close some gaps and build the sideskirts. And when that is done, the vehicle is ready to be painted. Yay.

But enough talk. Let's enjoy some pictures.

The body:

The turret:

And everything put together:

But that's not all: If there's need, you can actually turn the turret :-D

I am so proud. I think it's time for me to celebrate myself for having this done right.

Anyway. That's it for today. As I said: There is still some work to do, but it won't take long until the tank is ready to engage enemies in combat and do what every tank should do.

See you on the next update.

So long!

Dienstag, 25. August 2015

Gallian Army Construction Report No 34 - News from the Gallian Construction Bureau

Hello everyone,

We continue our short excursion to Gallia. During the last time I had some motivation to continue this project instead of my Chinese army, and as I already had some projects running there was enough stuff to be done.
I didn’t make many pictures, but the progress is still visible :-P

The first I made were two laterns and two fountains, which still have to be primed and painted.

After that I did the priming of the second Gallian building.

Then I made some progress on the first Gallian building. It’s not that much, but a start … ^^

And last but not least: Progress on the Gallian light tank.
The tracks have been glued to the vehicle and the underfloor is almost finished. I had to use some grey stuff to stabilize the whole construction but now it looks quite appealing to me.

Then I continued to the construction of the front and (once again thanks to the Shamrock as reference) the construction of the vehicles superstructure.

Still there are gaps which have to be closed and the superstructure is a bit too high. I have to correct that. But then again: the buildup is continuing pretty good.

As the body of the tank had to dry after that, I went over to the turret. The original Gallian light tank has a turret that resembles a mixture between the German PzKpfw II light tank and the German PzKpfw IV medium tank. As the turret of the Panzer II proved to be too small for the overall construction and the Panzer IV turret is was too big, I choose a path between them. A PzKpfw III turret was used as base and altered for better fitting.

That already concludes this update. I will continue during the next days. Depending on how motivated I am by then, I will either go on with the tank or my Chinese soldiers … or my ships … or my Sci Fi miniatures … eh …

I have got too many projects running.

See you on the next update!

Samstag, 22. August 2015

Gallian Army Construction Report No 33 - It's a tank! It's a Gallian tank!


Whargh! I’m done. I’ve got enough and to spare! There is nothing else to add. Anymore would be too much … yes. I am talking about my Chinese warriors; Qin Chinese metal and plastic miniatures, which are not only occupying my work bench but also my mind and are attacking my mental health.
I think there is only one solution to solve this issue.

Splendid idea! There is just a problem: The shooting range is closed currently. I’ve got to think about something different …

But – you may know me by now – I just can’t sit silently.

That’s correct! Luckily the weather is supporting me …

… and therefore I will now take a short break from my Qin army project and will return to a small principality sitting at the edge of Europa.

I currently have got so many projects running in and around Gallia that it will take weeks to finish them. But that is no problem because I’m already planning new ideas and projects. One of them is the Gallian light tank.

I somehow had the feeling I wanted to build that thing and as one of my friends owns the 1/35 model of the Shamrock tank, which has a construction manual with it, I had some references which I could use.
Therefore I began the construction – as always it was quite chaotic.

As my work bench is occupied by ancient Chinese warriors and the last few free places were taken by my colleague who is building one of his vehicles currently I decided to deviate from my original plan and take my floor to prevent territorial disputes.
Using the body of a Panzer 38(t) as base, the chassis of a Panzer III with the running gear of both Panzer III and Panzer 38(t), my work on the vehicle began. It soon became a wild mixture of looking for new parts from different vehicles, comparing those to the construction manual and scratch build the rest.
I felt like when I was a kid and built those wonderfully big kits made out of Lego blocks. It was the same uplifting feeling I got when I found a part that looked more or less like the “original” in the construction manual or when I was able to scratch build something that actually was fitting.
After I had worked for three and a half hours, my floor looked like this:

Well … Some sacrifices had to be made …

Be advised: A man's virtue is hard work!

Thanks to this motiviation from Riela I was able to advance straight to the goal of the day. During that time the vehicle already consisted of parts from six different tanks. For example I had to use two different Panzer 38(t) variants to combine their running gear.

Finally – the first side was finished.

The rest followed shortly after that.

And that completes today’s construction report. Tomorrow I will continue from here.

So long!

Donnerstag, 20. August 2015

Qin Army Update - Another 14 men are finished

Hello everyone,

Here we go again. There has been some progress on the Qin army, and regarding my plastic miniatures … there are only five bowmen and three crossbowmen left until all plastic Qin soldiers have been finished. And then I only have the metal ones left. Yay!

But that is another story and to be told another time.

Let`s have a look onto the finished soldiers:

Altogether they are around 14 men, and have been finished during the last three weeks. I know it isn’t that much, but I had around 5 full days to get them done, and I think it is a good rate.

The first group consists of five halberdmen and their commander. He looks a bit serious, doesn’t he?

Then we have got a simple bowman.

And the General:

And the standard-bearer:


Swordsmen commanders:

A lot of stuff for such a “short time”, and I have to tell: I am annoyed a bit by endlessly painting Chinese soldiers. I need to do something different for a short time to get my energy back.
But then I can get back to paint the rest of my Qin soldiers. And that will finish my project. Surely I will go on after that, painting one unit or another to improve the strength of the Qin, and maybe one day start a second army – but that lies in the future.
For now I am happy.

That’s all for today!

See you on the next update!