Samstag, 23. Januar 2016

Qin Army Update - Troops!

Hello everyone!

Honour to whom honour is due.

Today, I have to credit my friend, who was busy finishing the bases of my ancient Chinese army. It took him around 5 hours. While I was working on my Strike Witches project, my brave companion managed to finish all infantry units and most of the cavalry units. He cleaned the miniatures of all flash, clued them to their bases and did most of the sanding. Out of 200 bases, there were only 30 left in the end.

I'm really impressed and exceptional thankful for his efforts!

Enjoy the pictures:

And that's all for today.

The next update will include some work on the Valkyria Chronicles project.

See you then!

So long


  1. Hallo mein Lieber,
    wie ich sehe, bin ich nicht der Einzige, der große Armeen bemalt und in Kartons stellt.
    Grüße aus Mainz,
    Sturmi. (von BO)

    1. Danke,

      sehr nett! Ja - das mit den großen Armeen, das ist bei mir so eine Sache^^