Sonntag, 5. Juni 2016

Strike Witches - A small Bolt Action project (Update No. 3)

Hello everyone!

New stuff for my Soviet fighter girls! This time it's a WIP of my T-34/Mod41 ... or was it 42? Errr ...

Anyway! There was some time during the Easter weekend and my comrade and I met to continue some of our projects. For me that meant working on my girls ... And now they've got a T-34 to kick some fascist buttocks!

Some people advised me to get a T-34/85 instead, because it provides me with more firepower and yeah ... they are right! BUT - and that is important: I like this one much more. First of all: the 34/85 was introduced in 1944, which is way too late for me. I want to be able to play earlier matches and the 41/42 allows me to do so. Secondly: It looks nice and more slender than the heavy turret of the 85.
Now I need a female commander and then I can start painting.

More to come!

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