Samstag, 23. Januar 2016

Qin Army Update - Troops!

Hello everyone!

Honour to whom honour is due.

Today, I have to credit my friend, who was busy finishing the bases of my ancient Chinese army. It took him around 5 hours. While I was working on my Strike Witches project, my brave companion managed to finish all infantry units and most of the cavalry units. He cleaned the miniatures of all flash, clued them to their bases and did most of the sanding. Out of 200 bases, there were only 30 left in the end.

I'm really impressed and exceptional thankful for his efforts!

Enjoy the pictures:

And that's all for today.

The next update will include some work on the Valkyria Chronicles project.

See you then!

So long

Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2016

Qin Army Update - a leap through time ... forward!

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year!

It took some time, but here's another update. This time we leap through time and return to the Qin Empire.

Some days ago I went to Pisa in Italy to spend some time with a Japanese friend of mine. While we visited the city, I noticed one thing that totally stunned me: the amount of Chinese tourists was overwhelming. Not just for me, but also for the Italian paratroopers stationed near the Leaning Tower of Pisa as a response to the Paris attacks. So while those soldiers were overrun by the human masses, I stayed in the background and shanghaied some of the visitors to press them into my Ancient Chinese army. A short trip to Firenze (Florence) enabled me to recruit more soldiers so I am now able to field a whole new unit of Qin Chinese.

During the phase of creating the bases for my newly aquired bataillon I was supported by a fellow miniature wargamer and friend, who then told me he would have assisted me if I had some more Chinese to finish.
"Oh, really?", I asked him, which led him to reassure me he was serious. "Yes, sure."
Well then, I thought, stood up and told him I already had some clear ideas regarding a second army which should be based on the Han Dynasty. I am well aware of the fact that this might not be historically accurate, but who cares? The Han played an important part in Chinese history, the colors of their uniforms are widely known through miniature statues and last but not least one of the greastest stories of Chinese literature is set during the last years of the dynasty: "The Romance of Three Kingdoms".
Reason enough for me to make the Han my next army!

And here they are:

The Han Dynasty

And some dramatic music to add some impact to their appearance: RotK XI Intro Music

I decided to base the colours of my army on some terracotta figures which were found in Han Dynasty tombs and which were featured in the Imperial Chinese Armies book published by Osprey Publishing, using red and brown as main colours for the uniform, white for the legs and black for armor and shoes. I am not sure about the white uniforms whatsoever, so I leave them out for them moment.

But colors alone don't make an army, so I need some more troops. Luckily I already have got something prepared. When I put out the box with all the Han Chinese troops I purchased from Newline Design, my friend could only gasp in awe before regretting to have offered his assistance.

We immediately started gluing everything together, but ran out of bases after having finished around 70 miniatures.

That's quite unfortunate. Anyway: We have got all the time in the world and as the first unit has already been finished so far, we can take it slow .... Still ... this is a great leap forward in my Ancient Chinese project and I am looking forward to see all those guys being painted in their base colors.

See you on the next update.

So long!