Samstag, 28. Mai 2016

Star Wars Armada - Return of the Grand Admiral

Helly everyone!

Long time no see. I had to take a break from blogging due to some private stuff and a lot of work, but I am back again with some updates (haven’t been resting, though :-D)

I guess it’s quite appropriate to start again with one of my “I-didn’t-intend-to-ever-do-this-again” projects.
This time the force may be with me …

Like with all that WWII stuff I never wanted to go into another topic again: Star Wars. I had been a fan of this universe for more than half of my life, but like Star Trek it eventually became boring. But now one of my friends was successful in turning me to the Dark Side once again.

Having been a formidable fleet commander back when we played Empire at War and having listened to some music from Blue Man Group at that time as well, I was reminded to one Star Wars character I had like since I read about him for the first time: Thrawn!

I read all the book of the original Thrawn triology as well as listened to the German audio drama and came back into the topic, and so I wanted to build up a small armada for Star Wars Armada.
And when I am done with this, I will field those units to strike my fellow players in my hometown. Har Har Har.

The first steps have already been taken: A few squadrons of Tie fighters, two Victory class Star Destroyers and two Imperial class Star Destroyers are already transferred under my command and are ready to commence any operation whatsoever.
Then I bought an Imperial raider, but I consider this ship to be awfully ugly and I don’t think I will use her that much.

 Those first few ships are pre-painted, so it’s much easier to build up a small fleet without having all too much to assemble or paint.
Still I didn’t like the washing of those two big units, so I decided to “upgrade” those units with a bit of fire damage.

The Victory destroyers look nice so far:

The ISDs however are a bit too clean … I have to do something about it!

Then the Tie fighters had to be painted! As I wanted to distinct between them in the case I had to use them in fights between different imperial fleets, they got differently painted cockpits.

Currently I’ve got some villains on the table. They will be put into service somewhen in the future – but for now, I am ready to challenge small rebel forces. Har Har Har! And I found some other ships that could fit into my fleet – Interdictor 418 cruisers, Dreadnoughts and Lancer frigates. I think I will get some of those instead!
And I need another bunch of Tie fighters … my, my … so much stuff.