Samstag, 9. Juli 2016

EUFOR update - Bundesheer, Bundeswehr and an Italian tank

Hello everyone!

This time we go back to the 'roots' so to speak ... after a long pause it finally struck me and I decided to finish another bunch of modern military figures. It was just a small group of 13 figures, but nonetheless they are finished, which is great so far. Now I have got a bit more space on my table (again, I might say :-D).

The last four Austrian Jäger are ready, which now leaves the unit with eight figures. I guess I need some more to man more than one vehicle, but at the moment I man happy so far.

Then I finished two more German soldiers for a European theatre as well as eight for Middle East or African scenarios.

And then I've got an Italian Ariete MBT on the table. It's not fully finished yet, but it already got its paint.

This marks another step forward in this project ... I don't know when I will finish the MBT, as I am currently working through my projects as I like. But I will finish it ... sooner or later at least.

That's all for now!

See you on the next update.